Zachary Seguin

SPD Courses

SPD 270 – Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

This course examines theories about the psychological nature of religious experience, the source of religious belief, and the religious significance of psychological phenomena. Attention will be given to the role of introspective, psychoanalytic, experimental, humanistic, and transpersonal methods in the psychology of religion.

SPD 271 – Personality and Religion

This course studies the various "developmental tasks" of the human life cycle in order to discover what psychological and religious needs should be satisfied at each stage of a person's life. The course also seeks to develop students' awareness in order to sensitize them to the processes of their own growth and development.

SPD 302 – Selected Topics in Psychology and Religion

A seminar for senior students in the SPD Minor who have taken the other core courses. The subject for study will be determined by the common interest of the students registered in the course.

SPD 378 – Aging as a Spiritual Journey

The following existential issues related to the aging process are examined from the perspective of the psychology of religion: identity, belief, actualization, existential anxiety, conversion, individuation, and spirituality.

SPD 379 – Spirituality and Psychotherapy

The course examines the spiritual dimension of the search for meaning, especially at crucial points in life, via the work of Viktor Frankl and the spiritual, philosophic, and psychotherapeutic dynamics he introduced.

SPD 380 – Carl Jung's Theory of Religion

Jung's analysis of the development of the personality through its life cycle, and of the central place which religion holds within the process of maturation. This includes a study of the unconscious, the collective unconscious, dreams, myths, symbols and archetypes; and the implications of Jung's theories for religious thought and therapy.