Zachary Seguin

MTHEL Courses

MTHEL 100 – Commercial and Business Law for Mathematics Students

The Judicial Process, Contract Law, Agency, Bankruptcy, Negotiable Instruments, Law of Banking, Insurance Law, Partnership Law, Company Law, Torts, Real Estate Law. [Offered: F,W]

MTHEL 131 – Introduction to Actuarial Practice

Individual life insurance products. Introduction to property and casualty insurance. Introductory risk management, insurance pricing and valuation. Pension plan design. [Offered: F,W,S]

MTHEL 198 – Mathematics Elective Topics 1

Special Topics course as announced by the department.

MTHEL 206A – Introduction to Mathematics Education

Current trends in education, professional practices and administration, the role of the department head, lesson planning, techniques of teaching, evaluation of students, special students, extracurricular activities, the relationship between elementary and secondary school mathematics, audio-visual materials. [Offered: S]

MTHEL 298 – Mathematics Elective Topics 2

Special Topics course as announced by the department.

MTHEL 300 – Professional Communications in Statistics and Actuarial Science

This course introduces students to oral and written communication in the fields of Statistics and Actuarial Science. With emphasis on the public presentation of technical knowledge, the ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and communication in a collaborative environment, this course helps students develop proficiencies in critical workplace skills. This course is writing intensive and includes extensive collaborative assignments.

MTHEL 398 – Mathematics Elective Topics 3

Special Topics course as announced by the department.

MTHEL 400 – Entrepreneurship, Technology and the Emerging Information Economy

A study of the spirit of entrepreneurship in the technology industry, opportunities emerging in the new information economy, and the implementation issues associated with starting an entrepreneurial venture in today's rapidly changing environment. Many of the concepts covered will also be applicable to careers in the technology industry or in information-based companies, where "intrapreneurship" is an emerging theme. Approximately one-half of the class time will involve guest lectures by entrepreneurs actively involved in the business community.

MTHEL 498 – Mathematics Elective Topics 4

Special Topics course as announced by the department.