Zachary Seguin

JAPAN Courses

JAPAN 101R – First-Year Japanese 1

An introductory course for students who have little or no knowledge of Japanese to develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Practical oral and written exercises incorporating the Hiragana Writing System provide a firm grammatical foundation for further study.

JAPAN 102R – First-Year Japanese 2

Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills acquired in JAPAN 101R are further developed. Practical oral and written exercises incorporating the Katakana Writing System are used to develop a more solid grammatical base.

JAPAN 111R – Japanese for Business 1

An introductory course to develop basic comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills specifically related to the Japanese business culture. This course is designed for students with little or no previous knowledge of Japanese.

JAPAN 112R – Japanese for Business 2

A continuation of JAPAN 111R designed to further develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Language skills required for the business environment are stressed.

JAPAN 201R – Second-Year Japanese 1

A continuation of the study of grammar and vocabulary through development of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Some study of Japanese culture is also included. By the end of the course, 120 Kanji (Chinese characters in their Japanese readings) will have been introduced.

JAPAN 202R – Second-Year Japanese 2

In this course, students continue to develop their language skills with an increased emphasis on spoken Japanese. In addition, students work on improving grammatical accuracy and vocabulary development as well as continue to acquire basic information about Japanese culture. The writing of an additional 200 Kanji is taught.

JAPAN 272R – Japanese Culture and Society

The course explores the interface of tradition and modernity in Japanese life. Topics include traditional and modern Japanese culture, language, education, art, technology, and business.

JAPAN 301R – Third-Year Japanese 1

This course concentrates on advanced conversation, polite forms, and idioms. It provides an opportunity to revise and practise the Hiragana and Katakana writing forms. Upon completion, students should be able to write 800 characters and use a Japanese dictionary with ease.

JAPAN 302R – Third-Year Japanese 2

This course builds on the materials learned in JAPAN 301R by employing current newspaper articles for reading practice, thematic discussions, and writing exercises in order to enhance students' skill in the use of the Japanese language.

JAPAN 391R – Special Topics

This course deals with advanced topics in Japanese language and literature. Students are expected to have at least an intermediate level of language proficiency.