Zachary Seguin

ITALST Courses

ITALST 111 – Women, Family, Sex and Tradition

The course studies the themes of family, sex, and tradition as well as violence and identity as they are addressed in the art, the cinema, and the literature of Italian women.

ITALST 260 – Great Works in Italian Literature

This course is a chronological survey of Italian literature from the thirteenth century to the twentieth century. It will introduce the student to the most representative works in Italian literature. Special emphasis will be given to literary and cultural backgrounds of the authors and their works.

ITALST 265 – Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals, and Myth

The course analyzes the visual media representation of the Mafia in North America. It focuses on the manner in which North American visual culture often glorifies the Italian Mafiosi's lifestyle. As this characterization of both the Mafia and the Mafiosi began with the archetypal figures of the bosses, special attention will be given to the visual practices of the 1930s, to Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather" trilogy, as well as to the television series "The Sopranos." The goal is to deconstruct the romanticized portrayal of the Italian and Italian-American gangster lifestyle created on visual media and television by analyzing the atrocities committed by organized crime.

ITALST 270 – Modern Italy

An examination of the evolution of modern Italy from 1789 to the present. The events which transformed Italy from a "geographic expression" into a modern unified state, including economic, social, political, and cultural developments, will be studied.

ITALST 271 – Italian Canadian Experience

An examination of Canada's fourth largest ethno-cultural group, from the early colonial period to the present. Emphasis will be placed on the changing nature of immigration and the evolution of the Italian community since the late nineteenth century.

ITALST 291 – Italian Culture and Civilization 1

A survey of developments in Italian culture -- history, literature, and the arts -- up to and including the Renaissance.

ITALST 292 – Italian Culture and Civilization 2

A survey of developments in Italian culture -- history, literature, painting, and music -- in the post-Renaissance period, with emphasis on modern Italy.

ITALST 311 – Medieval Italian Literature

An introduction to the Italian literature of the Middle Ages, with special reference to selections from the major works by Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.

ITALST 312 – Renaissance Italian Literature

An introduction to the Italian literary production of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, focusing on selections from the major works of the period, including some by Machiavelli, Ariosto, and Tasso.

ITALST 360 – Dante's Divine Comedy

This course examines the various strands of what is one of the greatest works in Western literature, Dante's Divine Comedy. The course will engage students in a critical reading of the text's various layers of meaning, which emphasize perennial issues of our human condition.

ITALST 370 – Women Writers of the Italian Renaissance

This course explores selected works by women writers of the Italian 16th century by focusing on their modes of adherence or challenges to the patriarchal literary and cultural canon of the day. It will examine early modern gender issues and innovative forms of self-expression as reflected in the writings of such women as Veronica Franco, Gaspara Stampa, Vittoria Colonna, Tullia D'Aragona, and Isabella di Morra. The course attempts to explore these writers' stances as both consumers and producers of culture, as well as their contribution to the debate on women fashionable at the time.

ITALST 391 – The Italian Novel and Cinema

A survey of some of the principal novels of the twentieth century in Italy in association with their cinematic versions by eminent Italian film directors.

ITALST 392 – Modern Italian Poetry and Theatre

This course studies the works of major Italian poets and playwrights, modern and contemporary, paying special attention to works by women authors.

ITALST 394 – Italian Studies in Italy

Italian literature, art, culture and history studied abroad in Italy.

ITALST 396 – Special Topics/Directed Readings

This course gives the student an opportunity to study authors and works of special interest which are not covered in other courses.

ITALST 397 – Special Topics/Directed Readings

Winter term of ITAL 396/ITALST 396.