Zachary Seguin

HRM Courses

HRM 200 – Basic Human Resources Management

Examines the major areas of human resources administration including recruiting, salary administration, labour relations, benefits administration, employee relations, labour law, and organizational behaviour. Reviews the role of human resources administration in organizations and the manner in which human resources executives contribute to the well-being of a total enterprise. [Offered F, W, S]

HRM 301 – Strategic Human Resources Management

An examination of the issues and challenges confronted by human resource professionals when planning and forecasting the staffing needs of an organization. Topics covered may include aligning human resource practices with organizational objectives, succession planning, redesign of work systems, and the impact of human resource practices on organizational outcomes.

HRM 303 – Compensation

This course deals with the process, issues, and techniques involved in developing and administering a compensation system. Students will gain knowledge from both the theoretical and applied aspects of the compensation function within organizations, including understanding the importance of compensation, assessing and diagnosing compensation issues, and developing appropriate solutions.

HRM 305 – Health and Safety

This course introduces the broad and ever-changing field of occupational health and safety. Understanding the multiple dimensions of the various issues - technical, legislative, political, personal - is essential to HR professionals overseeing an organization's health and safety function, and to those dealing with consultants or joint health and safety committees.

HRM 307 – Labour Relations

This course draws upon the disciplines of law and history to assess various aspects of the current industrial relations climate. Topics may include employment standards and labour relations legislation, collective bargaining, dispute resolution procedures, contract administration, industrial democracy, and the structure and growth of the Canadian labour movement.

HRM 400 – Honours Seminar in Human Resources Management - Special Topics

Topics reflect current issues in human resources management. Consult the departmental listings for the upcoming topics. Activities may include oral presentations, class discussions, individual and/or group projects, and written assignments.