Zachary Seguin

ESL Courses

ESL 100R – English Language in Canadian Contexts

This language skills course for non-Anglophones offers an exploration of forms and meanings of Canadian English in academic, workplace, and social contexts. Topics are events, issues and situations that Canadians face in everyday life. Students will strengthen their language skills, increase their vocabulary, and learn how to adapt their formal knowledge of English to real-life situations.

ESL 101R – Oral Communications for Academic Purposes

This course teaches the organizational, vocal, listening, and critical skills required for oral communications. It features intensive work on spoken English in all contexts, from conventional gambits to public speaking, including an emphasis on phonology and prosody to improve comprehensibility. Minimum of four hours of instruction each week.

ESL 102R – Error Correction in Academic Writing

This course offers sentence-level instruction in grammar and idiom to teach students to produce, evaluate, and edit writing under time constraints. It emphasizes readability and error reduction in sentences and paragraphs. Minimum of five hours of instruction each week.

ESL 103R – Phonetics for Effective English Pronunciation

This course has an intensive focus on the structure of the English sound system with a view to improving pronunciation. Vowel and consonant sounds are practised as well as the phonetic elements above those sounds, such as stress, intonation, and rhythm. The goal is for students to identify their problem areas and to develop strategies to improve their comprehensibility.

ESL 110R – Canadian Academic Culture

This course introduces students to North American academic expectations. Students learn to identify attitude and intent in text, to recognize North American patterns of organization, to select and acknowledge appropriate primary and secondary sources, and to present ideas cohesively in speaking and writing.

ESL 129R – Written Academic English

This writing skills course provides instruction in grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, elements of composition and academic essay writing, including a focus on theme, development of central ideas, exposition and argumentation.

ESL 601R – Speaking English for Professional Purposes

A focus on speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening skills helps second language speakers of English in both academic and professional contexts. The course targets pronunciation errors that prevent comprehensibility and develops delivery skills for teaching, presenting papers, and defending theses. It includes strategies for reducing errors in speech and improving listening comprehension.

ESL 602R – Scholarly Writing in English

Designed specifically for graduate students for whom English is not the first language, English 602R introduces the skills and knowledge required to write a variety of informative and persuasive documents, both at university and at work. A primary goal is to enhance students' ability to write for readers with varying levels of technical knowledge. To that end, the course focuses not only on vocabulary building (including idioms) but also on clear, concise and correct communication.

ESL 612R – Professional Writing for Engineers

Designed specifically for graduate students for whom English is not the first language, English 612R introduces the skills and knowledge required to write a variety of documents frequently required of engineers both at university and at work. The course goals are to teach the conventions of professional documents, increase vocabulary, and enhance the writer's ability to write clearly, concisely, and correctly.