Zachary Seguin

DUTCH Courses

DUTCH 101 – Elementary Dutch I

The basic elements of Dutch grammar with emphasis on oral practice and pronunciation. Introduction to aspects of Dutch culture.

DUTCH 102 – Elementary Dutch II

A continuation of DUTCH 101.

DUTCH 201 – Intermediate Dutch I

This course will be conducted partly in Dutch and offers advanced study in grammar, composition, and conversation. Special emphasis will be given to comprehension and practice in the spoken language.

DUTCH 202 – Intermediate Dutch II

A continuation of DUTCH 201.

DUTCH 271 – Dutch Culture and Society

An introduction to Dutch society and culture, as it is and has been expressed in art, literature, religion, and philosophy. Political-historical, economic, and urban planning discourses will be discussed. The course explores key concepts informing Dutch cultural identities. Students will gain skills in transcultural analysis and research.