Zachary Seguin

CHINA Courses

CHINA 101R – First-Year Chinese 1

An introductory course for students who have little or no prior background in writing, speaking, or understanding any dialect of the Chinese language to develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Practical oral and written exercises provide a firm grammatical foundation for further study.

CHINA 102R – First-Year Chinese 2

With the completion of the study of the rudiments of phonetics (as provided in CHINA 101R), the emphasis in this course shifts to grammar and character writing. Vocabulary will be expanded to between 500 and 700 words.

CHINA 120R – Advanced First-Year Chinese

Equivalent to 101R and 102R but covered in one term. This introductory Chinese course is designed for two major groups of students who have different initial advantages in learning Chinese: 1) students who have substantial aural-oral proficiency but limited ability in reading and writing Chinese characters and 2) those who know characters but cannot speak Mandarin (Putonghua).

CHINA 200R – Preliminary Second-Year Chinese

This course expands the vocabulary and sentence patterns for students who have acquired 400 Chinese characters. Attention is paid to grammar, vocabulary, and discourse by interweaving cultural norms and customs. Reading comprehension is emphasized, encouraging the transition from pinyin to characters.

CHINA 201R – Second-Year Chinese 1

Development of speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. This course and its follow-up (CHINA 202R) include a survey of grammar, complex sentences, and logical stress.

CHINA 202R – Second-Year Chinese 2

The study of Chinese characters receives more emphasis. Grammar instruction includes comparisons and different kinds of complements. The course includes topics of interest to students illustrating cultural differences between China and the West. Upon completion of CHINA 201R and 202R, the student should have a reading vocabulary of 1,600 Chinese characters and have learnt about 300 key sentence patterns.

CHINA 272R – Chinese Culture and Society

The course explores the interface of tradition and modernity in Chinese life. Topics include traditional and modern Chinese culture, language, education, art, technology, and business.

CHINA 301R – Third-Year Chinese 1

A course to consolidate, expand, and deepen the understanding of lexical items and sentence patterns. Besides introducing more vocabulary and grammar, this course concentrates on complex sentences and paragraphs not emphasized in earlier textbooks.

CHINA 302R – Third-Year Chinese 2

A continuation of China 301R to further students' ability to comprehend and communicate at a higher level in Chinese. In addition, the course introduces aspects of Chinese society, highlighting traditional and contemporary cultural life.

CHINA 310R – Chinese for Business Settings

A course to develop comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin specifically related to the Chinese business environment. This course is designed for students who are already familiar with Chinese characters and Mandarin tonality.

CHINA 320R – Chinese in Mass Media

A course to develop Chinese language skills in conversation, reading, writing, and critical thinking in both practical and cultural situations through contemporary films, television programs, newspapers, magazines, and literary works. Selected important issues and themes in Chinese culture and history are considered.

CHINA 390R – Introduction to Professional Translation (Chinese to English)

This course is for students with a strong command of Chinese and English who seek to learn the basics of professional translation between the two languages. Focus is on translation involving government and business documents, as well as news stories.

CHINA 391R – Special Topics

This course deals with advanced topics in Chinese language and literature. Students are expected to have at least an intermediate level of language proficiency.